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LoadXMLToSQL FAQs: 1) Do I need to know programming or databases to load data with LoadXMLToSQL? No, no programming or database knowledge is required to load the data, but the main database object should be created on the target server. 2) Will LoadXMLToSQL work with my database? LoadXMLToSQL supports SQLserver as database target. 3) If my data arrives in files. Do I need to know the internal structure of the data before hand? No, LoadXMLToSQL gets inside the XML source file and uses a proprietary algorithm to figure out the structure and process and load the data automatically. 4) Will LoadXMLToSQL create the necessary tables in the target system? Yes, LoadXMLToSQL will create the target tables, however, the tool can also be configured to work in loading mode only without changing or creating new tables in the database. 5) How do I know in which table my data was loaded? LoadXMLToSQL user interface shows clear relationships between each file and channel processed and the target tables. 6) Is LoadXMLToSQL a reporting or BI visualization tool? No, LoadXMLToSQL is an extraction and loading tool. 7) Does LoadXMLToSQL keep a history of all the files loaded? Yes, it does.

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